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June 2006

Open Reading Period

Steel Toe Books is holding an open reading period during the month of June 2006.

Submission process:
There is no reading fee, but we ask everyone who submits to purchase one of our existing titles directly from us. On the Steel Toe Books online Order Form, select one or more books to order and fill out the form. Print out the completed form, and send it, along with:
- a check or money order
- a copy of your manuscript for consideration
- an acknowledgements page
- a cover page with your contact information
- a SASE

Mail the packet to:
Steel Toe Books
c/o Tom C. Hunley
Department of English
20 - C Cherry Hall
Western Kentucky University
1 Big Red Way
Bowling Green, KY 42101-3576
Selection process:
Each manuscript will initially be read by two members of our editorial board. These readers will evaluate the manuscript according to the six criteria listed and elaborated upon in our entry in the 2005 Poet’s Market. If the two readers are in disagreement, the manuscript will receive a third reader. We will then narrow the pool down to eight-to-twelve manuscripts and ask the authors to send them as Microsoft Word attachments. Each member of the editorial board will read all of those manuscripts and vote on them at our annual editorial board meeting/pizza party. Each first place vote receives five points, each second place vote receives three points, and each third place vote is good for one point. After voting, we will discuss and debate the manuscripts. Then we will vote again. Upon reaching consensus, as everyone on the board finishes their pizza, we will call a writer and offer him/her a contract.

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! 2016 may have been marred by celebrity deaths, and who knows what this year will bring, but we at Steel Toe Books will be doing our part to ensure that it is a year of great poetry.

Publication of A Woman is a Woman is a Woman is a Woman by Chrys Tobey

Hot off the presses is Chrys Tobey’s first book, A Woman Is A Woman Is A Woman Is A Woman. You can order that now from Amazon.com or directly from us. Next up, sometime in mid-2017, is Street Calligraphy by Jim Daniels.

Results of Fall 2016 Open Reading Period

To keep the party moving, in late 2017 we will be preparing Curtis L. Crisler’s The GReY aLBum [PoeMS] for publication. We just offered Curtis a standard royalties contract today, and we’re thrilled to welcome him into the STB family. We selected The GReY aLBum [PoeMS] from over 100 manuscripts submitted to our Fall 2016 open reading period.

-Click here to read the full press release.

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