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Street Calligraphy

Jim Daniels

"In Street Calligraphy, Jim Daniels acknowledges grief, and sets his feet on the path to another beauty. It is the beauty of tough beginnings in American cities, the urban ars poetica of challenges written in tar and concrete, where children learn to negotiate fear and cultivate hope. The real and the lyrical are the systolic and diastolic of the poet's heart. He speaks both to humanity and Detroit as he describes the city with '...its odd magic, how you could both stay in one place and move...' This is an honest and well-honed collection that will bring light to the lives it celebrates, our own."

--Afaa M. Weaver, Drew University


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A Woman is a Woman is a Woman is a Woman

Chrys Tobey

"For a good time call Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Bonnie Parker or just read Chrys Tobey's A Woman is a Woman is a Woman is a Woman. These are boisterous poems, well-crafted poems that just won't behave. Outrageous, shifty, smart poems that remind us that slapstick and pain are kissing cousins. Where surprise keeps popping up, and just when you start to laugh, they break your heart."

--Richard Garcia


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Basic Disaster Supplies Kit

Marci Rae Johnson

"This collection transitions from uproarious hilarity to poignant contemplation and back again, ultimately leaving the reader aware of human frailty and the questionable state of the universe. Replete with astonishment and wit, Johnson's Basic Disaster Supplies Kit delivers one revelation after the next."--Mary Biddinger


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