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Romeo Bones

Ron Paul Salutsky

"No one and nothing is spared in this poet's inventory. Yet love is as persistent and formidable and phenomenal as any of these--whether it's up against self, nature, or metaphysics--in poem after poem.--Arthur Vogelsang


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imperfect prayers

Richard Carr

These poems "are late-night cries for mercy, meditations on the spiritual truths of grocery shopping and dental procedures, and maddened love letters to the creator of constellations and children without limbs."--Tania Runyan


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vertical hold

Jeff Simpson

"This amazing first book--part sprinter, part long distance runner, part song, part sly wit, part visionary, part historian, part sophisticate, part roughneck--smokes like a grass fire across the Oklahoma landscape right into the whole world."

--Lisa Lewis


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